Homestay Golden Hour

Once in a while, beside photographing portraits. I love doing Interior or Food just to get out from my comfort zone and challenge myself to create a interesting series for client’s campaign or website marketing usage.

2 days ago, I got the opportunity to do so. Just 30 mins drive from City Center and you’ll get a magnificent view of Kota Kinabalu and also wonderful sunset.

I do photograph standard interior of Hotel room but at the end I will provide a few different shot for cover usage or other promotional items for the client to use so that they have other artistic choice to show what their place can provide.

Last but not least, after I finish photograph the whole thing and ready to pack and move on. I turn back and saw Mount Kinabalu shyly appearing behind the cloud.

And I broke my lens unintentionally when I didn’t realize one of the unit entrance are a little bit higher than the rest unit. All went well, but it does hurt me in the heart because I have to invest another lens…

That’s all for this post, see y’all next time.