Gyeongbukgong Palace with Fujifilm GFX 50SII

Gyeongbukgong Palace is one of the largest palaces you can visit in Seoul. I am lucky enough that I got free entrance due to some areas of the palaces currently in maintenance. But overall, most of the well-known spot is still open for everyone to enjoy.

After wandering around with the Ricoh GR3, took out the GFC 50SII and take my time to compose and focus more on the characters of the building and surroundings.

While holding the GFX, my mindset suddenly change into planning the composition and also focusing more on the depth details of the textures and colours for each image. I’m not gonna lie, this kind of method really gives me peace of mind and I really appreciate that kind of calmness in Photography.

After having my breakfast at the hotel lounge, instead of taking the metro. I decide to take a Bus ride and stop just right in-front of Gyeongbukgong 2nd entrance.

After wandering around the main area, still inside the palace. I head to the area where not many tourist will pass by because of the wooden design.

After being satisfied wandering around the Palace, visit a few art galleries around the area and the last stop will be the walking uphill at Hanok Village. I recommend walking all the way up to the peak where a cafe is located and heads up to their Rooftop and enjoying the city view during the sunset.

Amidst super cold weather, I really enjoy the sunset with a cup of hot coffee at one of Hanok Village’s cafe rooftops. Feels like I have achieved something in life, that feel-good moment I will remember for a very long time.

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