Conrad Seoul

It is located in Yeuido, a place with a lot of skyscrapers. From a far away, it gives the New York or Toronto vibes. But once you reach the area, the place has its own distinct. Conrad is one of the top products under Hilton’s brand since I have the Friends and Family benefits price. I got more than half of the actual price for 3 nights.

Why not right? This place is indeed for business & elite people, I see a bunch of airline staff staying here too and on my last night. A group of musicians from the USA, also checked in late at night after walking around the area just because I’m bored.

I wish I can take the surrounding of the hotel, the lobby especially. I didn’t photograph because during the 3 nights. The place is always full of people.

So I just take the opportunity to photograph the room that I stayed with a great view of Han River and the other side of Seoul City.

I wish you can see all the detail and dynamic range of this photo in raw file. The conversion to sRGB doesn’t justify the outcome of the original image.

All Photos were taken with a Medium Format Fujifilm GFX 50SII Camera with a GF 32-64mm F4 lens and GF 23mm F4 lens.

The only cons of living here are the public transport is a little bit further down the blocks and most of the core town of Seoul is also far away from this place. The only reason you stay here is either you attend an expo around this area or have meetings around the area.

Will I stay here again? Definitely for sure… Since Hilton Seoul Millenium won’t be around anymore.

The quality of the image of the GFX Camera is beyond my imagination. This is just only taking photos of the hotel’s interior.

Imagine if I’m planning a proper one, like a series of environment portraits. I can imagine how clean and satisfying the image outcome is.