Behind the Scenes Photoshoot with Roosters Basketball Club

Before the 2nd lockdown or in Malaysia we call it MCO 2.0. I have the opportunity to have my Photoshoot with Roosters Basketball Club.

Not having a single photography work last year during the pandemic was a bummer for me. Can’t blame with the situation as everything was on halt and I personally with this plague will be gone soon.

I can say this is my 1st photoshoot after a long hiatus / break from any photography related. Everything is still the same but the technology improved a lot especially the strobe where I can control everything in 1 proper transmitter without moving around.

I bought the wrong backdrop thou, my fault. I wanted to have 3 meters height and what I got is a small stands with 2 meters height where it doesn’t makes sense if you photograph a basketball player.

If you get what I mean.
Anyhow, with the green screen as an experiment. I manage to separate the subject easily, of course with the new function on photoshop.

Currently spend my time editing each of selected photos to PSD or TIFF and will pass everything to the client where they will change the background depends on the concept in the future.

Great to be back again as a Photographer.

More personal work to come and hopefully more gigs where I can re-start my career as Photographer.

As for now, due to the pandemic. I have to be patient with my current situation.

Stay Safe and Stay Awesome!

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