Brutopian Photo Exhibition : Sabah’s Heritage Urban Architecture.

Sunday, 15th July. Was at Tanjung Aru for recce and decide to drop by Kota K Sireh to view a Humble Photo Exhibition called Brutopian.

A collection Photograph of Brutalism and Bauhaus Style of Architecture in Kota Kinabalu after the post-war.

I love the old building, it somehow create an identity of Kota Kinabalu City.
But unfortunately, the city is changing to dystopia of Architects due to unplanned concept and style.

I hope developer focus more on the environment and design instead of inspired an idea form just because it is nice.

Here are the photos I taken :

Honestly, we need more Art Galleries and Art Related stuff in Kota Kinabalu.

Would love to see the locals here appreciate how Art and Design form everyone life.