Behind the Scenes Vlog with Insta360 One RS

Bought a chest mount during the Indonesia Football Tour with Sabah FC and I’ve been underutilized it for quite some time.

I decide to bring it with me during the matchday and attached it to my chest. I love the outcome and I don’t need to think a lot and just record the whole time and edit later.

Although it’s a 5K, would love to see the upcoming release in 6K or 7K so that I can have a sharper video on a certain angle.

The final result is a draw against ASEAN Champion.

Right now the league is on a short break due to Fifa International Matches, the remaining 4 matches will continue on the 1st and 2nd week of October.

Here is some photo taken during the matchday:

Will Sabah FC continue to hold it 2nd position or JDT FC lose the last 4 games and every top 5 team has the chance to be the champion?

Personally, I am very worried with Sabah FC might not be able to hold the 2nd position after the last 3 games’ performance. I believe what the whole players’ capability and their hunger. Although every one of them just joined the club this season.