Anima / 無意識

I started my first portraiture series in my final year as part of my graduation project. I named it Anima / 無意識 because at that time, I prefer to be low key and usually never show my expression to everyone. I always remain unconscious wherever I go, maybe due to the early 20’s crisis. 🤣

With all the new tech equipment, especially portable lighting function and SLR/Mirrorless cameras getting smaller and better.

As well as Human behaviour is changing due to the influence of Social Media & Digital Culture.

I wonder if I continue this project, Anima.
I made back in 2009. How will the new version outcome look like?

To be honest, I am interested and re-start this series again. Not sure how it will go.

I will update when will I begin this project, probably during the winter.

As for now, please follow my diary for any update life in Japan. 😎