Almost the end of the Malaysian Football season

As Sabah FC Photographer, and sometimes Social Media Coordinator…

I witnessed the season begin with less than a thousand fans coming to the stadium until the team maintain the top 3 spots and also led the league for a couple of games. In a blink of an eye, the stadium filled match by match and the number of followers on social media especially the female audience increased by almost 1000% compared to all the previous years.

The players play as a team and complement each other every match with harmonious celebration. Of course, there are certain moments the whole team is out of touch and loses their way and always made a great comeback.

It was a lunatic ride indeed being part of the team amidst I’m a little out of touch sometimes due to outside commitments work and activities I personally want to achieve. Just, I need to sacrifice my personal time to be part of the unexpected journey.

Deep down in me… I do hope the players will get through tomorrow’s final match against the Goliath and go to Asia next year. Something that is impossible and every fan would love to witness a Borneo football team on another level.

I am unsure whether I will still be part of Sabah FC Media next season. I am very grateful to be part of the family and document the journey for 2 seasons. I’ll definitely produce a photo book by the end of this season. That’s the contribution I can give as a Photographer.

Thank you for being part of this unexpected journey and seeing all the photos I’ve taken for Sabah FC… It was a tough one but I enjoy every second of it.

I still cannot imagine I get to Photograph and document the whole thing in the future to see.