A day with Bahag with Nico in Ikebukuro.

While am in Tokyo just for a short week to attend the opening reception of the exhibition, manage to catch up with a few friends around Tokyo. Contacted Nicolas via Facebook and ask his whereabout and he told me he will be around Ikebukuro with Bahag to cover a political campaign speech in-front of West Entrance of Ikebukuro Station.

There I go, to join them… while waiting for the Politician to arrive at the designated area. Me, Bahag and Nico waited in Mcd’s cafe where there’s a huge window just opposite of the designated area where the politician give a speech in a few minutes.

Now, let the photo tells the story :

After their assignment complete, we went up to Ikebukuro’s rooftop to grab a dinner and say good bye.

Will post about Two Mountain Photo Exhibition in Tokyo soon!
Stay tune!