2021 Photography Work & The future of Photography career.

My 2021 Photo Work is available to view here: https://www.flaneganb.net/2021work/

I am planning to incorporate my photography business in the upcoming years.

I am starting a photo academy in the year 2023 or the year 2024 but not in 2022.
Because I imagine I might have to choose between two paths.

– Got to move back to Japan again working as Photographer under Agencies. (Dreaming is free)
– Convert my Sole Proprietorship business to an Incorporate Company.

Flanegan Bainon Photography Pte Ltd, where a subsidiary of Flanegan B Photo Academy will establish.
I am slowly giving myself a gap time to return back into full-time Photographer after taking a break since 2018.

Rather than following or controlling the current pandemic flow, the outcome remains uncertain. I am observing it from the bird-eye view.

Currently, I am still working remotely for a company and am earning a stable monthly income (which I don’t think I can last for very long due to my restless character). I took this time to contribute whatever skill I can give to the company. I don’t want to get comfortable with this because I know my value and goal didn’t share the same sentiment and long-term goal.

My foresight for 2022 is to still work for people as long as I can and start my photography business back slowly under Hinava Media.

Developing photo-related video content to establish Photo Academy in the long run, and promoting myself again as a photographer, being strict with assignments, and also creating meaningful artwork. I also want to print some of my work and sell it.
It’s going to be trial and error.

If everything turns out well. My sole proprietorship business will then become a more serious entity, incorporation.

Sendirian Berhad? Kabushiki Kaisha (K.K)? LLP? PTE LTD? Need to move on to a serious one.

Time is getting shorter. With my current eating habit and lack of exercise and enjoy sleeping.
Even if I start getting serious about diet and fitness, maybe my life expectancy will only increase by 3-5 years.

I probably have a few more years left to live.