1st Web Series on Youtube.

I decide to produce and direct my own Web Series, called Get to know Sabahan Artist, where I will meet and interview in a podcast format then take a video shoot and selected the best quote I hear from the audio.

The first Artist I meet up is a long friend of mine. Crig or Greg or Craig but well known as Cracko. Local Graffiti Artist with lots of followers globally

Here are the video :

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Although Kota Kinabalu itself it a small city, there’s tons of local artist start their journey from home. Unlike my, I started mine in Australia back in 2007.

Hopefully I can interview at least 10 local artist and release 1 video a month. As for other content, I will create something different like narrative stories, once in a while vlog update about myself.

My Youtube Channel : Flanegan B.
My Podcast Channel : https://soundcloud.com/flanegan-b.

That’s all for this post and see you on the other side of Social Media.